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Fava Beans - UK Grown ready to use in water - 400g

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Fava Beans - UK Grown ready to use in water - 400g
Brand: Hodmedods

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British Grown Fava Beans ready to use from the tin.

Fava beans have been grown in the UK since the Iron Age, and are a variety of broad bean. The beans are left to ripen and dry before harvest. They're a major farm crop in Britain and widely eaten in the Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Ingredients -

Fava beans (broad beans), water, concentrated lemon juice.

Dietary Attributes -

More -

Fava beans are a versatile ingredient and make a delicious addition to casseroles, stews, salads, curries or in other dishes in place of other beans. They feature in many traditional dishes from the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East, such as Egyptian ful medames or Sicilian maccu bean soup.


Item price: £1.03

12 for £11.16 £0.93 ea

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