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Baking is about indulgence, comfort, friendship: many of the great things in life. Baking is one of those key things that brings a family together, and should be approached in a relaxed manner, using good ingredients and love, in equal measure!

What exemplifies the home more than the smell of the kitchen? To get the real, full feeling of contentment, invest in good ingredients, some time and a few key utensils. As keen home-bakers, we at Naturally Good Food want you to have really good natural ingredients. We have tried to source what we want to use in our own kitchen.


Perhaps the greatest ingredient for home-cooking is love - and the desire to cook for those close to you. The simple act of cooking shows that you care!

To make the best of your good intentions, look for the best ingredients. At Naturally Good Food we have the ingredients you need to make your cooking just what it should be. If you need to avoid certain food groups, we can also help. We have:

There is nothing quite as satisfying as serving up a fresh home-baked cake, a crusty loaf of bread or a satisfyingly sweet pastry. Whether it’s a simple sponge, a rich fruitcake or warm fresh rolls, we have a range of ingredients for you to choose from, to create great home-cooking. The smell of home-cooking is for some, the essential smell of home!

Artisan bakers

Just as we value the benefits of home-baking at Naturally Good Food, we greatly appreciate the artisan baker: the small company making cakes or other baked goods for stalls and farmers' markets. For this group, we have a dedicated section on our website, where you can buy in larger quantities, with some great discounts.

Home-baking ingredients

In this section of our website you will find items designed primarily for baking. You may also be looking for other cooking ingredients, including:

  • Organic nuts - we have a fine range of organic nuts, in all sizes, from 125g to 25kg.
  • Organic dried fruit - dried fruit is obviously an important ingredient in any fruit cake.

If you are baking at home, treat yourself to some really good, healthy ingredients to use: the results will be spectacular!

Foil and baking cups 

Many of our customers who bake at home are also keen environmentalists. If you are too, it might be worth looking at the If you care range of foil, baking cups and more.

Use 'If you care' to show you care.


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Hints and tips

Home baking hints and tips

At Naturally Good Food we like to pass on hints and tips as we find them. In this section you will find some basic hints and tips about baking.

Cake recipes

Cake recipes from Naturally Good Food

We like to add cake recipes to this section when we can; if you have a recipe you would like to share, let us know.


At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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