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Agave Syrup


Agave Syrup in small and large sizesWe specialise in supplying the best-quality organic agave syrups, for both home and catering use.

 Whether you need a large 25.5-litre tub of agave nectar, or just a small squeezy bottle to use at home,

we can send you just what you need by post.

We don't have tequila, but you may like to use our agave syrup in your cocktail recipes.

More about Agave

Agave comes from a cactus-like plant from Mexico (which, incidentally, is also used to make the drink tequila). Agave syrup (or nectar, as it's also called) is light and very sweet - it's considered to be a more natural and healthier sweetener than refined sugar, and is used in drinks, ice-cream and baking as an alternative to cane sugar.


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Syrup Agave - 2.5lt

Syrup Agave - 2.5lt

Crazy Jack

organic dairy free

Item price: £24.95

Syrup Agave - Squeezy Pack - 250g

Item price: £3.23

6 for £17.46 £2.91 ea

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